How to Read This Blog

I suggest you wake up.  I suggest you open your window and stretch your arms high above your head.  I suggest you sit down at your computer with a hot beverage, being careful not to spill on your keyboard.  You spilled that one time and man, did that turn out poorly.  I suggest you settle in.

I have one many-faceted intention: it is health, mine and yours and the health of the environment.   I want us all to be physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, and spiritually healthy.  I have found that these intentions have interesting intersections in the world.  Finding ways to further more than one goal at once makes me (and hopefully will make you) happy.  Happiness, too, is important.

So this blog will suggest that you wake up.  Wake up to the ways in which how you act and live affect your life detrimentally.  Wake up to being alive and present, to being healthier and happier, to acknowledging the effect you have on the world around you and taking responsibility for your actions.  Wake up to a new way of thinking about the world, placing much less value on things and much more value on health: your physical health, the health of your relationships, your financial health, and the health of the environment.


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